On Tuesday, unfounded rumors abounded that Kylie Jenner has moved on from Tyga to an artist more talented/closer to her in age: PARTYNEXTDOOR. If the gossip rags are to be believed, the OVO R&B singer is glo'ing up on what's already been his most illuminated year yet—he penned Rihanna's eight-week consecutive No. 1 hit, "Work"—by leveling up into the rarefied Kardashian/Jenner celebrity royal family.

E! Online jumped all the way out of the window—with what were surely the best of intentions—and produced a primer on PARTY. From the headline, which called him a rapper, things were off to a bumpy start. Representative head-scratcher: "PartyNextDoor (we know what you're wondering and, no, that is not his real name)."

What follows are eight factoids that really help you understand PND. E! Online, thank us later.

1. He uses gun-cocking FX to contrast otherwise romantic sentiments (see: 3:45 of "Thirsty").

2. On his reference track for Rihanna's No. 1 hit single, "Work," he sings about wanting to avoid hepatitis, a lyric Rihanna did not include in her version of the song.

3. His song "Jus Know" makes it clear he finds Kim and Kanye's marriage to be the model for romantic stability and passion, as opposed to a more fickle relationship, like the one between Drake and Rihanna.

4. He'll let you know what 'Sauga feels like at night time. 

5. Each song on PNDCOLOURS has a corresponding color, and "Girl From Oakland"—likely a reference to on-again, off-again flame Kehlani—is represented by a dark blue.

6. All he ever asks for is patience. (And pussy, but mostly patience.)

7. On October 3, 2015, he premiered seven new songs on OVO Sound, including the very sweet song "Wait for You," which samples "Cola" by Toro Y Moi.

8. He just dipped off in a white Porsche.