Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Pharoah is noted as one of the best impressionists in the game—his takes on Denzel Washington and Katt Williams have become legendary. Last night, the comedian decided to show off his impressive talents for copying famous people's tics and cadences in a sketch that incited an objection from the show's host, Drake.

If you check into social media, own a radio, or watch television, then you're no doubt aware that Beyoncé dropped her album LEMONADE late last month. A major theme of the record surrounds infidelity, and more specifically, the alleged cheating of (we presume) her own husband and Tidal president Jay Z. Using those swirling rumors as a springboard, Pharoah went in with his impersonations, recounting a super secret rap meeting that Hov may or may not have called.

First came the Jay impression, naturally, which alongside his Kanye West has become Pharoah's bread and butter. Then there was a rather vulgur and plainly unhelpful 50 Cent, a hilariously dead-on TI, and then Mr. Weezy F Baby himself Lil Wayne. Special shout-out to Weekend Update host Colin Jost for calling for Pharoah's Miami-repping take on Will Smith. Everything was going until the comedian tried to do Drake, which forced the host to roll out and voice his displeasure.

"I don't sound like that, so just relax," Drizzy explained. "Yeah bro, you do sound like that," Pharoah parroted back to the King of the 6. The repartee went back and forth for a few moments until the comedian asked Drake to say the phrase, "oh yeah," at which point it became clear to everyone that Pharoah indeed had him nailed. Hugs were exchanged, and the show went on.