In case you've been living under a rock for the last year, you are probably aware that Drake has been embroiled in a on-again, off-again beef with fellow rapper Meek Mill. The history of their issues with one another goes back to last year, and they've both released tracks going hard at one another for this reason or that one. Drake went especially heavy at Meek on his song "Back To Back," and for his second time hosting on Saturday Night Live, the rapper decided to poke a little bit of fun at both himself and the idea of the rap beef in general.

The skit starts out innocently enough with Drizzy entering a room and asking for help with how to make the television work. After cast member Pete Davidson calls him out for needing assistance with such a simple issue ("What, they don't have TVs in Canada?"), the scene cuts to Drake in a dark warehouse rapping his feelings away. 

"Yo, f--k you Pete, you made a fool outta me / I used to trust you dawg, now you embarrasin' me!" This same act gets repeated again when Leslie Jones fails to notice him as they pass each other in the hallway, when Aidy Bryant moves his hat off a chair, when the janitor throws away his water before he's done with it, and when SNL boss Lorne Michaels tells him that he's doing merely a "good job" and not a great one.

"Drake's Beef" was maybe the best skit of the night, but the Toronto rapper shined in other places as well, like as a Canadian Rasta named Jared on "Black Jeopardy." His opening monologue was hilarious as well, with Drizzy singing about a number of the many memes that have popped up around the Internet about him. Peep both videos here.