Jay Pharoah is the current Saturday Night Live  cast's master impressionist. You already knew that from his flawless impressions of rappers, actors, rapper/actors, athletes and the president, but that doesn't make his latest appearance on Weekend Update any less impressive.

Pharoah used the Katt Williams vs. Kevin Hart beef as an excuse to impersonate in rapid succession nine of the greatest comedians of all time, including Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Hannibal Buress, Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan, describing an annual meeting of black comedians held in Eddie Murphy's bowling alley (if only this was a real thing). 

It wasn't until Pharoah busted out the Bernie Mac impression that Update host Colin Jost became a little suspicious.

"Hold on, Bernie Mac?," Jost said, referring the comedian who died in 2008.

"Listen man, you got me," Pharoah said. "Honestly Colin, I made it all up. It's what I do."

Pharoah wasn't the only impressionist showing off his skills Saturday night. Darrell Hammond returned, as he does pretty much every week now, to play Donald Trump in a cold open sketch that checked in on that whole "small hands" ordeal.