Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wowed the crowd at a rally in Lancaster, California Thursday by walking out to the distinctive sounds of DMX. Sanders chose the 2003 Grand Champ cut "Where the Hood At?" much to the delight of attendees whose cheering almost drowned out the alleged Ja Rule diss of yesteryear:

In a statement to Complex, DMX reflected on the track's legacy while reinforcing its memorable refrain. Peep that statement in its entirety below:

"Where the hood at?"

Twitter promptly exploded upon news of the DMX x Bern crossover, with some even letting the moment serve as their final push to vote for Sanders should he become the Democratic nominee:

Sanders, who noticeably didn't use the full (and quite controversial) track during his Lancaster walkout, has established an ongoing relationship with the hip-hop community at large thanks to his friendship with Killer Mike, one-half of critically acclaimed duo Run the Jewels.

The Vermont senator is currently campaigning in the state against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, with a recent Public Policy Institute poll showing nothing but a two-percent margin of error currently separating the candidates. The California primary takes place June 7 and may or may not be preceded by additional DMX-penned walkout music.