Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders is having a hell of a month. Not only did the Vermont senator score a unexpected victory in Indiana's primary on Tuesday, but he also made the time to drop in on an otherwise nonpartisan prom. Well, kinda:

Chloe Raynaud, a high school senior, convinced (a life-size cardboard cutout of) Bernie to accompany her on the big night. Given that going to prom with an actual person is clearly a waste of both time and energy, the internet has responded to Raynaud's creative prom date tactics with some well-deserved enthusiasm. To get a better understanding of how presumably awesome it is to secure a cardboard Bernie appearance at prom, we reached out to Raynaud to get the scoop.

"I didn't expect this at all," Raynaud told Complex of cardboard Bernie's headlines-crashing ways. "Especially with his win last night. I'm so glad 'Bernie' is getting more coverage. It's crunch time in this race!" The cardboard Bernie even got the chance to cop a pose for group pics, rock a classy boutonniere hand-selected by his non-cardboard date, and show off some of the real Bernie's confirmed-to-be great dance moves.

As for cardboard Bernie's future plans, Raynaud has no intentions of abandoning him anytime soon. "I'll be bringing him to Oregon State with me!" she told us. When asked who should make their cardboard cutout prom debut next, Raynaud offered a firm answer: "Not Trump. That's for sure."

And what exactly are people doing with cardboard cutouts of Trump? Definitely not taking them to prom: