Right now, when we talk about Britain having a huge amount of new and exciting music to export to the world, let's be honest, we're principally talking about grime. Great as that is, we'd do well to remember that there's more to our little island than war dubs and wheel-ups. Right now the UK is right on the vanguard of exciting, progressive, mind-expanding electronica. One of the leaders (if not the leader) is GAIKA, a former club promoter with—incidentally—a history that intertwines with the very earliest iterations of grime. Last year he released his astonishingly new sounding Machine mixtape, replete with eye-catching artwork and tracks that glided between industrial, hip-hop, techno, grime, bashment, R&B and IDM (with a few different bits in between).

Now, just one year on, he's releasing his new mixtape, Security, a thrilling voyage that—despite his increased profile—sees him sticking to his guns by collaborating with old friends and local heroes, without a single high-profile collaboration in sight. Our conversation veers through a large range of topics, only a few of which were my intended topics. And that's rather a neat allegory for his music. You can prepare for whatever you like, but ultimately you're not in control here; to coin the rather cliché​d phrase, expect the unexpected. Or, in Gaika's words: "I am whatever I say I am. I'm not what you say I am."