Birdman's latest appearance on The Breakfast Club was, as Jay Z would say, shorter than leprechauns. The veteran rapper and CEO stopped by the radio show to presumably promote his upcoming Ms. Gladys album, as well as the Cash Money biopic that is in the works, but things got off to a rocky start before the segment even began with Birdman shouting at hosts DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee to "stop playing with my name."

The interview lasted less than a minute with Birdman abruptly walking out, though we have a feeling this isn't the last we'll hear of this issue. Of course, Twitter brought the memes and jokes, and you can check out some of the best ones below.

"I was told by AppleCare......"

— Bean (@xoGiaxo_) April 22, 2016

Birdman before the interview:
"You will have respek on yo name."
"You will demand respek on yo name"

— the fund-raiser (@avatarcmoney) April 22, 2016

When you're excited to watch Birdman's interview on The Breakfast Club and it only last 2 mins.. @cthagod

— Russel Orhii (@RusSwole) April 22, 2016

Ya man's a Birdman.

— Larry Beyince (@DragonflyJonez) April 22, 2016

the funniest thing about this Birdman clip is that he tried to make a grand exit but couldn't because he had eight people in front of him.

— game: blouses (@willtbh) April 22, 2016

Birdman's #BreakfastClub interview was like

— Aaron (@TweetsByAyy) April 22, 2016

The only thing I admire about Birdman from that is he woke up dum early to tell someone hey man "put some respek on my name"

— Premium Pete (@PremiumPete) April 22, 2016

But Birdman's last questioned puzzled me, "Y'all finished or y'all done?"

— LowKeyUHTN (@LowKeyUHTN) April 22, 2016

Birdman:"Put some respeck on my name..All tree of y'all"@cthagod: "U pull up on Ross or trickdaddy?"

Birdman: *Rubs hands* *Leaves*

— BLACK ADAM SCHEFTER (@B1ackSchefter) April 22, 2016

Now the whole internet playing with Birdman's name

— Troy Lawson Jr (@TroyLawsonJr) April 22, 2016

I just watched the Birdman/Breakfast Club video....

— LizzLocker (@Lizzs_Lockeroom) April 22, 2016