Once upon a time, there was almost no information about Kanye West's The Life of Pablo. It was an enigma, with every tweet and sentence from Kanye being parsed for the slightest bit of information about the album's contents or structure. Fans scoured the internet for the latest updates, devouring them like a junkie on Skid Row.

Weren't those the days? Now, more than a month after its initial release on Tidal, TLOP has become hip-hop's own Frankenstein monster, with Kanye cutting and sewing back body parts into whatever hulking mass of flesh he's feeling on that particular day. Sia and Vic Mensa? They're on the album. Just kidding, they got replaced with Frank Ocean. Just kidding, nobody liked the new version of the song so they're back again. Is "Wolves" even "fixed" yet? At this point, who knows?

To that end, Kanye decided to grace us with another round of updates today, tweaking little bits of vocals or beats on more than half a dozen tracks. Chance the Rapper got half a new line on "Ultralight Beam," Kid Cudi got some backup vocals on "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1," and "Freestyle 4" got its beat changed slightly. Thankfully, each of the changes seem to be an improvement, but how much longer can we let someone pick at the corpse of their own work before we all start to think it's weird?

The answer to that remains to be seen, but you can check out all of Kanye's latest tweaks below via TeamKanyeDaily.