Here comes U.S. duo E.A.S.Y., aka Shiftee and Enferno, back at it again with another whiplash club banger (out today on Shiftee's Hot Mom USA label). Setting it apart from their usual turntable tun-ups is a masterful vocal turn from New Jersey's Dougie F whose mercurial bars sway back and forth in the mix, and always with a healthy pace to keep the track pounding. A sturdy club stomper for sure, but there's an undeniable technical prowess at the heart of E.A.S.Y. productions—no surprise given that both men are DMC-level turntablists who came together after settling a Twitter beef with a live Ustream turntablism competition. Thankfully for us, they're now firm friends and potent collaborators. Just take a listen below to what happens when hatchets are buried.