Mac Miller might have come up off the success of his song "Donald Trump," but these days the Pittsburgh rapper is no fan of the real estate mogul turned race-baiting presidential candidate. Not only did he beg his fans not to vote for Trump on Twitter in December and call him a "dickhead" in a Complex interview back in 2013, but he also appeared on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore last night to rip into the man that is somehow still a viable candidate this late in the race. Mac starts off with, "I only have one thing to say: I fucking hate you Donald Trump."

He then goes in on Trump over his campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again," which the rapper dissects as something more dangerous than people assume it means. "We all know what that really means. Ban Muslims, Mexicans are rapists, black lives don't matter. Make America great again? I think you want to make America white again."

"You know what I'mma do if you get elected? I'm staying right the fuck here," Mac adds. "I'mma be here everyday telling the world how much I hate you, how much of a clown you are." Props to Mac for telling it like it is. Watch him absolutely destroy Trump in the clip above.