Four years after the rapper's "Donald Trump" single was released in 2011, Mac Miller rekindled his beef with the current Republican party presidential hopeful tonight on Twitter. Apparently sparked by an article about the place of white rappers in 2015, Miller launched into an unexpected series of tweets tonight about race and racism in the United States, writing, "White people, reverse racism isn't real. Racism describes a system built to keep a race or ethnicity away from success and evolution." Miller added, "Dear White People who listen to rap music... What have you done for the #BlackLivesMatter movement."

Touching on Donald Trump's current presidential campaign, Mac wrote, "Just don't forget about the ridiculously large amount of humans who are down to have Donald Trump be present." He went on: "Just please don't elect this motherfucker man." 

Read the tweets below:

Earlier this year Mac Miller spoke more light-heartedly about Trump in an interview with Billboard, saying, "I don't think I'll vote for him, unless he apologizes for all those mean things he said about me. But I don't know -- if he can sell me another million singles bro, I appreciate it." In 2013 Miller expressed regret over his "Donald Trump" song in an interview with Complex, saying, "When he started running for president I was like, 'Oh, fuck—this is horrible, I have a fucking song with this dude's name and now he's being such a douchebag.'" Shortly after those comments Trump fired off a series of tweets threatening Miller with a lawsuit and calling him "an ungrateful dog."