Most of the time, rappers doing anything other than rapping is pretty hilarious, and that remains the case for this clip of Waka Flocka Flame and Raury baking in the kitchen. The video is part of Vice's "Munchies" series, and is basically just Waka and Raury showing off their impressive baking skills and proving they're much more than just rappers. Even better, both Waka and Raury are vegan, so they give some solid tips and insight into their diets and how to make the best vegan blueberry muffins possible. Though, Raury did admit that he does sometimes miss eating meat, despite how much he enjoys being vegan. "I have wet dreams about Chick-Fil-A," he said. The entire thing is super entertaining, and drives home the fact that Waka probably needs his own variety TV show at this point.