One part of Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” music video takes place in Toronto restaurant The Real Jerk, a Caribbean joint that’s been serving up authentic food and good vibes for over 30 years. Director X filled the Leslieville hotspot with dancers, crafting the perfect party atmosphere for the Island-themed visual. As soon as the video opened on the restaurant’s facade, it became abundantly clear that the Real Jerk was about to get the Aub-Rih stimulus package.

In a brief interview with TMZ, owner Lili Pottinger confirmed that business at the Real Jerk has been “up by 20 percent” since the video dropped. Apparently, fans have been coming in hoping to catch a glimpse of Drake, which is possible, since Pottinger says he’s a regular there. “The Real Jerk is a real piece of Toronto,” Director X told Complex. “There's certain businesses in a city that are part of the city, the Real Jerk is that kind of place...I didn't just want to do it at a nightclub and have people dancing in a club. The artwork that's in there, the bar, we worked off of the restaurant and their theme and did what they do.”

Hoping to get a table at The Real Jerk for Caribana/OVO Fest weekend? You’d better line up early. Apparently Drake’s favorite is the jerk chicken and oxtail.