According to an article from Page SixKanye West reportedly had a "meltdown" backstage at Saturday Night Live this weekend, and almost walked off the set before being calmed down by Lorne Michaels and Kim Kardashian. "Just moments leading into the live show, and during the live show, Kanye had a meltdown and threatened to walk off,” said one of Page Six's sources. Another told the publication “He freaked out about how the set was arranged. He was saying he’s ‘the greatest artist.’ He’s having regular meltdowns. Everyone’s walking on eggshells around him. He’s under a lot of stress between the new album and the fashion line.”

“Kim, who was in the audience with Kylie Jenner, had to come down. Lorne had to personally talk to Kanye. There were a few really tense minutes," they reported. Eventually, they claim Lorne was able to calm him down and he took the stage as planned. 

While these sorts of anonymously cited eyewitness reports certainly have to be taken with a grain of salt, its important to note that as this was allegedly happening, West was also going off on one of his longwinded Twitter rants. Perhaps his online angst translated into real world strife? Who knows, but between The Life of Pablo and Yeezy Season 3, 'Ye is surely under a whole lot of stress. Hopefully he can find some time to relax now that his big debuts are mostly behind him.