The past couple years have been very kind to J. Cole, whose hard work and relentless pursuit of self awarded him remarkable success with the release of 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The critically lauded 13-track collection gave way to the Forest Hills Drive tour, a three-act jaunt across the globe that ended with a star-stacked homecoming set in North Carolina. Thankfully, HBO's cameras were rolling just long enough to capture live renditions of all 13 Forest Hills tracks in addition to some backstage insight.

"Growing up, it felt like there wasn't opportunity here," Cole says in the 90-minute special's first trailer, reminiscing on his early days spent trying to build a future in his hometown. Though that urgency toward finding a purpose is ultimately what propelled Cole to his current heights, he's now quick to admit there's "no place like home."

Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming, billed as "part concert film, part backstage pass," hits HBO, HBO NOW, and HBO GO in January.