While we're all waiting for Stoicville: The Phoenix and still absorbing his recent jaw-dropping NPR concertT-Pain just dropped a new burner featuring Plies. While the "Netflix and chill" tag might be a bit played out by now, the fellow Floridians cooked up a true anthem for those familiar nights in: "We was watching a movie, not that bitch watchin' me watchin you / Tell your roommate to stop being nosey / 'Cause we about to get cozy," Mr. Rappa Ternt Sanga croons. 

"The song is pretty self explanatory," T-Pain told Fader of the just-recorded track. "I was working on it last night and it just felt super sexy and I knew I had to let my fans hear it. It's nothin official, just something to hold the fans down until I drop Stoicville: The Phoenix."

Listen to the track via Fader below: