Remember that time T-Pain silenced the nonsensical haters with his amazing Tiny Desk concert for NPR back in October of last year? A little over a year later, we have this: T-Pain once again using the NPR platform to prove he's most certainly still got it. Still celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, T-Pain decided to churn through some of his catalog's indisputable classics before delivering "Officially Yours," a fresh Stoicville: The Phoenix ballad just in time for the cold weather turn-up.

As recently confirmed by the man himself, T-Pain has taken great care to distance himself from the Auto-Tuned landscapes that defined much of his early career. "I started using Auto-Tune to sound different from the crowd," T-Pain told us earlier this year after nailing the national anthem at Dodgers Stadium. "Now I'm just going to end up sounding like everyone else."

In September, T-Pain shared the not-exactly-a-ballad "Roof on Fye" in the wake of The Iron Way's success. Stoicville: The Phoenix is expected before the end of the year.