London's Chris Loco is on a roll: just last week, Complex premiered the captivating visuals for "Ego", featuring Raye, and now he's got another reload-worthy jam for our ears. Titled "World We Live In", the beat-wizard borrows the soul-pop flow of Etta Bond, kool energies of Avelino, and hearty shouts of Kojey Radical for an emotive lament on life, underpinning a chirping bird-featured production that is both dreamy and forceful at the same damn time.

Loco told us over email: "I feel really privileged to have these guys all on one track. They each bring their own individual perspective on how fucked the world really is in lots of ways at the moment, and that's exactly what I wanted the song to be: a reminder that we all—or at least 99% of us—have to go through the same trials and tribulations as one another, and the point is that we need to be able to recognise and address what's really going on together as a unit, otherwise changing anything for the greater good is gonna be really, really difficult."

Giving a little more background on the cut, he further added: "Being managed by the Oddchild camp, I'm lucky enough to get to work with Etta pretty regularly, and 'World We Live In' was originally just an idea we'd started which was a hook and an outline of the beat. I always connect with Etta's lyricsshe has this really natural and honest way of writing that feels personal, but super relatableand what she was saying in the hook felt like something that I wanted to explore a bit further as a concept for this See No Evil EP (out Oct 16). I asked Avelino to jump on it, basically because I just rate him so highly. His lyrics and flow are crazy, and I genuinely feel he's one of the most exciting prospects in the UK rap world right now. As for Kojey, Etta put me on to him right before his 'Bambu' video came out. The video and the track just blew me away, in that it felt like something really unique and fresh but also very British. I instantly wanted to get in with him and do some music, and luckily for me, he was up for jumping on 'World We Live In' and bringing his unique vibe to the song."