During the much simpler time that was Drake's Degrassi era, the life and times of one Jimmy Brooks dominated the hearts of those dedicated enough to catch all 138 of his appearances on Degrassi: The Next Generation. After hinting back in 2013 that the short film-esque vibes of the video for Nothing Was the Same smash "Hold On, We're Going Home" marked his slow and steady return to the acting game, Drake now seems more serious than ever about a proper revival.

His inspiration? The greatest board game of all time:

William Warby

"I'm all across the board," Drake told a TMZ employee during a recent club spotting on Friday after being asked if he saw himself as more of a comedy or action star. Perplexed by the assertion, the unnamed employee then asked him to clarify, resulting in this perfect Drakeism: "Have you ever played Monopoly and won? I'm all across the board, man."