Drake released a music film—don't you dare call it a video—for his single, "Hold On, We're Going Home." He also wants you to hold on to your seats, as he stars in this action-packed gangster revenge tale. Of all the lingerie models in the world, these unforunate goons just had to take Aubrey Graham's. Now he's mad.

He didn't come alone, either. The Canadian Pacino brings with him a powerhouse gang (and cast) that includes the likes of A$AP Rocky and one of the dudes from Majid Jordan, just to name a few. Bullets fly, ammunition is stocked, and the body count skyrockets.

It's about time the Academy gives some attention to the video's director, Bill Pope (the Director of Photography for the Matrix series). Expert pacing and brooding, electric cinematography that recalls the work of American master Michael Mann make him a must for future projects. But ultimately this is a character-driven short, and thus we must rate the acting in Drake's "Hold on We're Going Home" video. 

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