In the long and winding history of the #RelationshipGoals ethos, few couples have remained as consistently untouchable as Beyoncé and Jay Z. If their unfuckwithable On the Run tour and ensuing HBO special didn't quite drive the point home for the skeptics, the clip above of Jay Z enthusiastically singing along to every word of Queen Bey's "1+1" during her performance on Saturday at Budweiser's Made in America festival should do the trick.

However, Jay's affinity for the Yoncé discography doesn't stop at that classic 4 cut. "7/11," which very clearly brings out the turn-up in everyone, had Jay doing a full-on drink dance:

Also, Nick Jonas and Jay Z hanging out should only mean more heat from the former Jo Bro. In fact, maybe Jay can lend a verse to Nick's just-released "Area Code."