When news broke in August that Kanye West would be performing his divisive 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak in full at the Hollywood Bowl on September 25, the debate surrounding the experimental album's proper place in the Kanye canon was swiftly reignited. As for whether or not it's as classic as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (hint: it is), those who wisely champion 808s will now have two chances to witness Kanye perform the electropop genre starter in its entirety:

So, yes: you can either see Kanye West perform underrated 808s track "Bad News" for the first time ever, or the slightly-less-enviable second time ever. Paired with Nick Knight's characteristically beautiful artwork, the hype surrounding these two performances is palpable enough to kick speculation into overdrive. Are these performances being filmed for an eventual VOD release? Considering there was never really a proper 808s tour, that's a pretty comforting prediction.