It was only last year that our beloved bass monster Benga retired from music. Fortunately for us, it didn't last, and in January the music pulled him right back in. He returned with the massive "Shut It Down" but we didn't hear a great deal after that. Still, we can't complain because he's just blessed us with a four-track bundle of freebies, consisting of a couple of originals like the angular grooves of "Future Funk" and the driving "Lythium", a lethal reworking of Kendrick Lamar's game-changing, politically-charged "Alright" from earlier in the year, and a banging remix of "Uptown Funk". Interestingly, each track is numbered non-sequentially, implying they come from a larger collection. This all started with some cryptic tweets from Benga, so we're sure if you follow him like a hawk, you'll be treated to more info and more free tracks. We hope.