Since releasing her fan favorite Winter's Diary 2 in 2014, Tink has been slowly but surely releasing some new music including a few collaborations, an Aaliyah​ cover and a couple releases including "Ratchet Commandments" and "I Like." This morning, Tink surprised us all by dropping the follow-up to her fan favorite series with Winter's Diary 3. While her fierce rapping had us picking her as one of our 25 New Rappers To Watch Out For In 2014, Tink focuses more on her singing chops, weaving influences of '90s R&B and retro pop throughout the 10 track mixtape. Timbaland—who has famously been working with Tink since the release of Diary 1 and 2—shows up to produce a track called "L.E.A.S.H." that will undoubtedly be a favorite from the project.

Listen and download Winter's Diary 3 below.

Tink - Winter's Diary 3