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Could 2015 be the year for hip-house? Maybe. Very possibly, in fact. We've already had some absolute bangers in the form of Jaded's Scrufizzer-featuring "Big Round & Juicy" and Tink & Tazer's "Wet Dollars" and there's no reason this run can't continue. The latest heater comes from club favourite Redlight having partnered up with one of Mobb Deep's legendary MCs, Prodigy.

"Lion Jungle" sees Redlight employ tribal production and some chest-rattling low end for a heavy-hitting monster that we're sure you'll hear everywhere until the year's out. We could ruminate endlessly on why hip-house is getting a new lease of life but, ultimately, what it's most likely a result of is the ever-weakening boundary between rap and dance music. Whatever the case, if we could have a steady stream of high quality rap-house, bangers like this that would be absolutely magic.