It’s easy to impress with an endless stream of bars, but sometimes less is more. When rappers unleash a barrage of machine-gun flows, we instinctively turn up despite getting lost amongst it all. Drake’s technicality isn’t at the same level of, say Tech N9ne, not that we even care. In fact, he does the opposite of machine-gun spitters and still manages to make it interesting. Holding onto a thought and stretching it out, he catches up with himself in the following bar. It’s as if Drake is making up for the words he could’ve just spit in the previous line. There isn't anything overtly impressive about rapping "less." What is impressive, however, is that Drake incorporates this particular style into his melodies as an effective augmentative device, without boring us. This form of accentuation is prominent in the latest project (If You're Reading This It's Too Late), and notably, it's all over 6 God.