What have we done? Have we, the collective internet, gone too far? Just as the #FutureHive proved its indisputable worth (and power) by landing Future his first number one album with Dirty Sprite 2, a growing portion of Twitter was willing something far more threatening into existence — the #BowWowHive. Just last month, Twitter decided to unearth that infamous Vine of Shad Moss laughing at the fact that a group of teenagers didn't notice him — with jokes of relevancy tossed around with relentless vigor. Never keen on dwelling, Twitter has now turned its lasers of satire toward the art of Hive building. #BeyHive, remain calm — #BowWowHive is of no threat to you or your loved ones. However, the hashtag is worth an attentive scroll or two — so I've compiled its finest moments (thus far) below. Thank me later. Or don't.