Hell hath no fury like a Twitter storm of mockery, and such fury has reclaimed a repeated victim of such orchestrated parody tactics — Shad Moss a.k.a. Bow Wow. Following last month's release of the Jermaine Dupri-assisted single "Where You At?" — which was accompanied by some truly underrated artwork — Bow Wow just released another new song entitled "All I Know":

"All I Know" is, well, not exactly great. Thus, Twitter promptly resuscitated a classic Vine featuring a clip of Bow Wow apparently walking near a group of teenagers on some sort of field trip. Bow Wow then voices, through laughter, his amazement that no one has recognized him yet. The Vine, of course, adds a particularly Vine-esque alternate ending to the grueling clip:

The clip is far from a new addition to the Twitter landscape, though it appears to catch fire — in varying forms — anytime Bow Wow makes a public move. So, the question inexplicably remains — is Bow Wow relevant? Was releasing two canine-themed albums (Beware of Dog and Doggy Bag, respectively) back-to-back a bold move of genius or a career-haunting fumble? Was Like Mike our generation's The 400 Blows? Are these important questions? Are you tired of seeing question marks?

I leave you with this: