Winter storm season has finally arrived in a violent fashion, dumping 25 to 35 centimeters of snow in some areas of Ontario overnight. As brutal commutes, school closures, and shovelling-related back injuries run rampant, it could be hard to make it through the week—even if you’re wearing double socks and long johns.

Complex Canada is here to help, with a playlist of cold cuts that should make you feel a little less alone if you’re out there braving the frigid wintry winds. If you’re lucky enough to be indoors, let this be the soundtrack to your smug satisfaction, as you sit bundled in a Gucci Snuggie, wearing duvet slippers and sipping hot cocoa*.

*Side note: if you’re drinking hot chocolate, and you’re not making OT Genasis puns on Twitter, you’re slipping.

We’ve got tracks from some of Canada’s premiere exports, appearances by emcees from the dirty south (who have a much different understanding of the words “snow” and “ice”), and absolutely no Ice Cube or Ice-T because that would just be too easy.

Here are 25 songs to soundtrack your snow day. Burrrr!