#Beycations are vacations that we, as penny-pinching normal folk, can only experience through Instagram. Bey and Jay Z have already hit up Iceland this holiday season, and their exotic travels continued through the New Year. Switching from snow to sand, Beyoncé went somewhere a bit warmer after Christmas. Over New Year's, she traveled southeast Asia, specifically hitting up Cambodia for an intimate glimpse at the country's culture. Her latest Instagram photos show snaps of monks, Cambodian street life, gardens, the famous Angkor Wat temple, and some stunning ancient ruins. One can only imagine the impact a real-life Beyoncé had on the set of young monks below. 

Meanwhile, Rita Ora had a slightly less adventurous New Year's. While Beyoncé spent her holiday being Beyoncé, Ora went about trying to be Beyoncé, as evidenced in her own remake of the "7/11" video. Along with Tommy Hilfiger and his daughter (note: not a team of valued backup dancers), Ora went yachting and partying from some undisclosed warm weather location. Demonstrating her extreme skills in not knowing how to use an iPhone camera, the majority of the video is shot vertically. Watch below as a bikini-clad Ora does her best to imitate every scene of "7/11," but feel free to scroll above to view Beyoncé's life experiences again.