Beyoncé gets wild in hotel rooms and on the road with her crew in "7/11." Wherever there was room to set-up a camera and fit her five back-up dancers—whether on hotel balconies or in bathrooms—Beyoncé and Co. were going to dance and twerk themselves into oblivion. No time or space to coordinate a dance for some parts of the song though? Fine. Watch Beyoncé take control of "7/11" by using the ubiquitous​ "selfie-stick" to bring more private moments of her life into the fold. Get a glimpse of how hard Beyoncé's been shaking her butt while traveling in luxury in the "7/11" video above.

You can also pre-order the platinum edition of Beyonce here, and look out for its release on November 24. Including "7/11," it's set to feature six new songs.

That Hov barrel roll tho: