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LA-based producer Salva should have been on your radar for some time now. His Complex Housing LP in 2011 and then the Odd Furniture EP in 2013 were instrumental in maturing trap into the diverse sound it is today, so it should come as no surprise that he is now one of the in-demand producers of the moment. The latest artist to call on Salva's abilities is Californian singer BANKS on her recent single, "Beggin For Thread" (taken from Goddess). The original is transformed into a haunting, glitchy piece of trap that, despite the sombre vocals, packs one hell-of-a punch. Between BANKS' vocals, Salva adds in some chopped vocal samples, some pounding kick drums and a crushing mid-range stab to give us a remix that's nothing short of a behemoth. Stream it below.

[via Do Androids Dance?]