Digi-dancehall MC, Horseman, has just given us the video for his new single "Computer", a joyful slab of '80s video game nostalgia. The video sees Horseman go up against a series of bosses, leveling up by demonstrating his ability to out-skank his foes. Video game heads will get a real kick out of this one as the playful visuals are rich in 8-bit crudeness, celebrating the industrious DIY attitude of early video games.

But let's not forget that behind all of this is an extremely danceable piece of electronic dancehall. According to Horseman, the track and subsequent video were born out of a creative block solved by twiddling an effects box: "We originally recorded the rhythm track for a different song, but we started playing around with an effects box, I got on this vibe about Commodore 64s, ZX Spectrums, XBox and Playstations and the lyrics flowed out." 

"Computer" is taken from Horseman's latest album, Dawn Of The Dread, which was released via Mr Bongo on November 3.