There’s a good chance that the last time you were cruising around town listening to the radio or circumnavigating a supermarket that has a functioning intercom, Jack Antonoff’s music was playing through the speakers. As lead guitarist for the band fun., he has helped craft some hugely successful hit songs in the past few years. If there’s one thing that his track record proves, it’s that the man is not afraid of hooks. Like the kind of hooks that landed him gigs writing for Taylor Swift. In fact, the pair worked so well together that they’re now pals, excitedly sharing new song ideas with each other.

With his new project, Bleachers, Antonoff has aimed his unabashedly infectious tunes straight at the heart of anyone who’s had a teenage pop-and-punk-soundtracked romance. Strange Desire is an ambitious record that quickly extinguishes any question to whether or not Bleachers is simply a fun. side project. The album’s cinematic scale, synth-heavy timbre, and soul-bearing content would be a fitting soundrack to any John Hughes flick.

Whether you’re just acquainting yourself with the band for the first time, or you’ve been an Antonoff fan for years, here’s a look at 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bleachers