Co-written and produced alongside musicians Joe Fields and Nick Carter, the forthcoming, currently untitled EP from Phoenix Martins is shaping up to be a headphone job for lazy Sunday afternoons. The final track on the EP, "Get This", puts love and heartbreak on display for better or worse, never romanticising either one, instead presenting both ends of the spectrum simply as they are. The set's first two tracks, "Sea" and "Snakehips", are both sprawling, cavernous numbers whose production flows lazily throughout, as Martins' feather-light vocals drift across the hugely atmospheric strings.

But it's "Get This" that steals the show; ramping up the tempo a notch, the song still maintains the cinematic, dreamlike arrangements which will appeal to fans of Lana Del Rey's breathy ballads. The production, while noticeably denser, is still very restrained. We also get to see more of Martins' vocal power, but she keeps it on a tight leash, never getting ahead of herself—even at the track's climax when her voice swoops and soars. There's now a super-stylish, arty video to accompany the track, and you can watch it above.