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Even though the Knowles/Carter family has clearly patched things up, tickets for Jay and Beyoncé's joint tour, "On The Run," have dropped quite a bit since last week's elevator event. For those living under a rock, leaked elevator footage made its way to TMZ which showed Solange throwing punches and kicking Jay Z after a Met Gala post-party.

Last night, Forbes reported that ticket sales—which were at crazy sales after the tour's announcement—have dropped 13.5%. Before the footage leaked, the average price across all dates was $306.22, but that's now dropped to $264.73. Basically, go grab your tickets now while they're still low because with all of the posi-promo and this star-studded trailer video for, ticket prices are probably going to go back up soon.

There is now a "Never Coming" website. Check it out here.

[via Forbes

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