Back in March, Complex debuted a new column entitled "Bout To Blow," and as explained in a pretty lengthy introduction, it had two goals.

1. To use the many tools available to us today to get some idea of what songs were really bubbling with "the people"—in other words, to insert some science into the process.

2. And to contextualize that information, because raw numbers in a vacuum would have you thinking an anonymous rapper dropped onto a stellar track was hip-hop's next big rap star when he was more like an empty vehicle for a dope beat, hook, and some tattoos. Shots?

The post is obviously intended to be somewhat predictive. There's also an element, though, that is cheerleading. Many of these songs might be flourishing in certain markets, but could use wider exposure. They're tracks where the metrics suggest some forward momentum, even if the clubs and radio play don't reflect that.

March's predictions included a few misses; although "Slide Thru" remains a fire song, and I'd still like to see it take off outside the Bay, so far it hasn't received much attention. Likewise, Baby Bash, Raw Smoov and Ty Dolla $ign's "Low-Key" hasn't quite reached the storied heights of Baby Bash's mid-00s "Suga Suga" career peak. Other hits were more on point: just a couple of weeks after it debuted, we called "Fancy" a surefire smash; it just cracked Billboard's Top 20. Likewise, spins have increased for Anthony Lewis' "Candy Rain," Lil Boosie's "Show The World," and...well, pretty much every other song mentioned.

It probably would have been smart to include a few of the songs I passed over in last months list, at least if I were trying to be a true Nostradamus. In both instances, I mentioned them in one slide or another as cuts I was hesitant to endorse. Snootie Wild's "Yayo," which I felt was a bit of a Kevin Gates knockoff, definitely has been picking up steam and may end up a career-making single. K-Camp's "Cut Her Off" kinda creeped me out (and didn't even sound as good as his initial effort "Money Baby"). But it's become one of the year's biggest rap songs. Hey, the people spoke.

Let's give it another shot. Welcome to Bout to Blow: 10 Dope Songs You Should Be Hearing Everywhere Soon.