If anyone's liable to win in an environment where everyone is jocking a similar sound, it's the white girl. You may have caught her performing it on Late Night with Seth Meyers the other evening. It won't be the last time you hear it. Iggy Azalea, acting for all the world like the 2014 Australian-American Gwen Stefani, yanks the "My Nigga" vibe and drops it on the set of Clueless, which, if BuzzFeed is any indicator, is a really important cultural touchstone to, like, everybody. And everyone knows, being white = rhythmic/Top 40 crossover, even if your song is by all definitions rap music. If this doesn't take off, we are truly living in a post-racial society. (This will take off and become huge.)

The song is actually pretty jammin', though; It should single-handedly transform Iggy from a stilted UK favorite with the rap version of Christian Bale's Batman voice to a true U.S. pop star. At least it includes a reference (through the words of Nas) to Harlem's historic (now-defunct) Roof Top nightclub. Do the knowledge!