While the trap bubble in EDM seems to have blown up (and deflated), it's crazy to think that it's really only a few years old. And while Flosstradamus solidified the trap sound with their "Original Don" remix, one of the biggest names to emerge in 2012 was UZ, the mysterious enigma that used all of the ASCII characters in the book to flip the titles of his tracks, and helped expose the trap scene to the masses. Before Baauer's "Harlem Shake" truly took the mainstream by storm, UZ's Trap Shit 6/9 EP on Mad Decent's Jeffree's imprint was one of the best examples of how big the trap scene truly got.

Today, Mad Decent is celebrating that EP's two-year anniversary (a bit early, as it dropped in June of 2012) with the latest batch of "Trap Shit" tracks on UZ's Trap Shit 17/20 EP on Jeffree's. DAD wanted to take time out to big up the enigma, as well as share his best tunes thus far.