Album: Here I Stand

How do you follow up the best-selling R&B of the 2000s? With an album that kind of, sort of tries to recreate the magic by detailing the ups and downs of another relationship.

Most of Here I Stand worked well enough, until you got to track 13. Produced by Danjahandz, "Appetite" had all the makings of a hit:  an uptempo, winding, Rubik's Cube of a beat, and Usher talking about wanting to cheat. The only problem? In trying to talk about picking up women on the Internet, Usher sang the following: "My Mac is in my backpack, I'm surfing all the sites." Yes, Usher went surfing on the "sites" to pick up women. Which sites, you ask? Who knows. Could be anything: Tumblr, Myspace, No one will ever know. —Damien Scott