On Sunday, Complex caught up with Nas at a Hennessy Super Bowl event in NYC. While the chat was brief, we still got a chance to ask the Queens icon about Macklemore and Justin Bieber, as well as what in the world is going on with the Timbaland-produced track "Sinatra in the Sands" featuring Jay Z and Justin Timberlake.

According to Nas, the song will "hopefully" come out in the next six months, at least "when the time is right." But while we're waiting for that all-star collaboration to be released, Nas wouldn't be opposed to working with Macklemore. When asked his feelings about it, he said, "We might as well...He’s a positive storyteller. [Y]ou have to respect him for that."

Nas kept his own sentiments positive that evening. When asked what should be done with Justin Bieber, he told us, "I’m not his parent. I can’t judge somebody when I don’t know what they’re going through. I preach that to the rest of the world, and I think everyone should preach that to the rest of the world. But, I mean, before anything, we shouldn’t judge and keep him in our thoughts and prayers."

Reporting by Shanté Cosme

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