Are you up on the latest and greatest? If not, don't worry, because Complex TV has got you covered with our new series the C-List. Whether it's music, sports or movies, we highlight everything you need to know in pop culture. The series is hosted by the lovely and talented Dariany Santana, who delivers a play-by-play on the biggest stories of today.

In this episode of the C-List, Dariany Santana counts down 10 things you didn't know about Nas. The veteran rapper from Queensbridge has enjoyed a storied career that spans two decades and well over a dozen albums, compilations, and other various projects. Even though Nas is constantly in the spotlight, there's still a lot of interesting anecdotes about his life that get missed. For instance, did you know that Jay Z's 1996 debut release Reasonable Doubt is one of Nas' favorite albums? Or how about this tidbit: Nas is a fan of the HBO series Girls. Watch the video above, where Dariany shares more facts about the God's Son.

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