Age: 22
Recent Project: The Golden Age

Dizzy Wright is captivating the moment you hear him. The Las Vegas rapper has managed to hover under the radar, due in part to his dismay for major labels or over-extending himself to pander to the mainstream. Dizzy's music doesn't feature contrived imagery or gimmicky lines about the trendy drug of the moment, instead he spits considered verses about a plethora of topics. Maybe that's why he leaves listeners with questions about what box to place him in. But the absence of those surface level elements give him leeway to touch on the details of his life.

His most recent project, The Golden Age, is a cohesive version of those exchanges. Now, he isn't without the traditional ode to chronic or ballads dedicated to simplistic women, but he tends to add another layer of thought and analysis. Many of his songs contain nuggets of wisdom that urge his listeners to be conscious of their behavior and take action. When he's not dissecting his own thoughts, he's willing to turn up and boast with the best of them, flexing the constraints of his flow. —Brandon Jenkins

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