Today, Questlove shocked the world by announcing that Little Brother would be reuniting for an album called The Reenlistment. Hip-hop fans across the world started to rejoice, but dreams of a long-awaited reunion were dashed by Phonte, who responded quickly. "Nigga stop lying," Phonte said. When Questlove explained that he was trying to will the group into reforming through positive reinforcement on Twitter, it was met with an angry rebuttal from Phonte, who then brought Solange's name into the conversation. "You don't see me tweetin shit about you and do you?"

At this point, Solange immediately fired back at Phonte. The result, a Twitter fiasco that now everybody has backed away from, Questlove included.

Long story short, a Little Brother album is just not in the cards for the forseeable future.

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