The start of the new year was beef-free for Phonte and 9th Wonder. After the dismemberment of Little Brother, the pair has now decided to move forward as friends and musicians. This is great news for hip-hop fans who have endured five years without the collective as a group. In their recent interview with HipHopDX, they discuss what the reconciliation, their plans for 2011, working with Lil B, and more.

On the Lil B collaboration:

For me, "Base For Your Face" was giving my fans a curve-ball. It was very similar to what [Little Brother] did in 2007 when we did the track ["Breakin' My Heart" ] with Lil Wayne for Getback. I just always believe, as an artist, that you always have to keep fans on their toes because the minute that they think they have you figured out, then it's over. The minute they know what you're gonna do [next], they lose interest. You always have to be two or three steps ahead of 'em. So with the Lil B situation, it was just a thing about me wantin' to make a dope record with somebody that my fan-base wouldn't normally expect me to collab with, for one. For two, by workin' with somebody like Lil B, that gets me to a younger generation of listeners that I probably could not get to on my own. So with me, Jean [Grae] and 9th doin' a record with Lil B, that was really unexpected and it fucked with a lot of people, somethin' I just like to do. [Laughs] Beyond all that, it was a dope record, and something I can be proud of. That's what it was about.


On Rapper Big Pooh's role:

We always wanted [Rapper Big] Pooh to have his space. Whether together or apart, we always wanted Pooh to have his space. No matter what, through the success that Phonte's had and through the success that I've had, to be honest with you, in the confines of Little Brother, Pooh was always seen as the third person. To be honest. That was to everybody. Within Little Brother, we always wanted to prove that he was his own person. Always. That's just the dynamics of a group. Me and Phonte, we were always all about the music. We wanted Pooh to be stronger musically as well. In order to do that, amongst two dudes who know music like that, you have to have your own space. We don't want to musically clog him or anything like that. That was the biggest thing for us. Even now, with me and Phonte reconciling, we still wanted it to be about me and 'Tay. Even when we was beefing, we wanted Pooh to have his own space then. It hasn't changed. Speaking from me, it hasn't changed. If he's gonna have his own space, now's the greatest time to do so.