Remember Kennedy? She was the face of MTV's Alternative Nation for five years, and pretty much disappeared from the public eye after the late '90s. She got married to a pro snowboarder, had kids, turned herself into more of a radio personality, and was completely irrelevant to the industry until a week ago. And this interview with Major Lazer might be the the catalyst for her comeback.

In under seven minutes, Diplo calls Jimmy Iovine "kind of an idiot." Jillionaire says that he has a dead body in his room. Kennedy calls Diplo out for his $400,000 price tag for a show in Dubai and asks him if he's ever texted pictures of his dick. And tells him that she could "have him smothered with a pillow in 14 seconds." Kennedy uses the term "EMD." Someone forgot to purchase enough microphones for everybody. There is nothing normal about this interview, and I absolutely love it. Even the way it ends is classic.

But is she trolling? This sit down was done on the back of the recent release of her new book, The Kennedy Chronicles: The Golden Age of MTV Through Rose-Colored Glasses, where she claims that she almost lost her virginity to Michael Jordan at the age of 22. It seems like a pinpointed effort to spark interest, and it obviously worked. This video will go viral within the next 24 hours. It's great to see this blast from the past fucking with people's heads, and using one of the biggest acts in EMD EDM to do it.