"Send her my way. Tell her I've been looking for her in the broad day."

In this interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez (who is unnaturally good at bringing up personal questions), Future confirms that "this is it," referring to himself and Ciara. They haven't set a date, but as he says with confidence, "this is the one." Apparently, one pivotal day seven years ago, he saw her shooting a video, and like Babe Ruth's famous called shot, declared that he would one day be with her. Seven years later, he put aside his various other love lives, to the disappointment of all of his "3-7 a.m." girls, in order to commit himself fully to Ciara.

For this match made in Atlanta heaven, we can only wish them an honest matrimony that will neva end, to be pronounced man and astronaut chick in one of the more tropical regions that Pluto has to offer.

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