Song: Drake f/ Chantal Kreviazuk "Over My Dead Body" (2011)
Potential target: Ludacris
Shots fired? Possibly

In retrospect, it definitely seems like this is about Ludacris. Ludacris and Drake got into a minor beef after Drake made fun of Luda's poor use of the hashtag flow on "My Chick Bad" and Luda later dissed Drake and the flow's originator Big Sean on "Bada Boom." So when Drake employs the hashtag flow to diss a nameless rapper's rhymes, and then claims he never trips over what doesn't belong to him (Drake always gave Big Sean props for inventing the flow) it sure sounds like he's talking about Luda. But remember: Drake's Take Care (which is where he spits the aforementioned lines) and Luda's 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape (where Luda disses Drake) actually came out the same day. Then again, the "hearing what you say through the grapevine" makes us think maybe Drake had binoculars and saw the whole thing coming?