Album: The Reunion
Label: Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records

"For all the niggas who keep asking," said Noreaga, on the opening seconds of this banger off CNN's The Reunion. "When CNN gonna do a joint with Premier? Ha, we did it. We here now, y'all niggas can stop asking." In retrospect, it's hard to appreciate how hot Premier was at this time and how big a win it was for CNN to get a beat from him. How hot was he? Well, when Complex interviewed Noreaga about the making of this song, he compared waiting for Premier to "waiting on the welfare line" and claimed they paid Premier upfront but still waited four to six months for the damn beat.

But it was well worth it. "Invincible" remains one of the CNN's best songs, Nore rhymes about fucking up, how his solo effort, Melvin Flynt – Da Hustler, being "half-assed." Capone keeps it as hood as ever, rapping about "brand new tecs, food stamps, and welfare checks." But Premier steals the whole show with three notses. The beat was built on the sample of Jimmie and Vella's "Hey Boy Over There," the repeating "Hey-eyy-eyy" is the catchiest part of the song. —Insanul Ahmed